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Greymark Design + Build's New Website: Why Line Mixed Media was the Perfect Fit

Designing a new website is no easy feat, especially for a company that specializes in residential design and remodeling. When Houston-based Greymark Design + Build (go ahead... click it... check it out for yourself) found themselves in need of a website overhaul, they knew they needed a website design company that could capture their vision, communicate their unique brand, and cater to their target audience. Enter Line Mixed Media. In this blog post, we explore why Greymark Design + Build chose Line Mixed Media for their website redesign and how the results speak for themselves.

Line Mixed Media's Design Expertise:

When it comes to website design, Line Mixed Media knows what they're doing. Their team of creative professionals has extensive experience in crafting visually stunning and user-friendly websites that stand out from the competition. Greymark Design + Build needed a website that would accurately represent their brand and services, and Line Mixed Media was the perfect fit to bring their vision to life.

A Cheeky and Witty Tone of Voice:

Greymark Design + Build wanted a website that showcased their personality and set them apart from other design and remodeling firms in Houston. "Because they are! With a team that values cheeky, witty, and professional communication, Line Mixed Media was a natural choice. From playful imagery to clever copy, the team at Line Mixed Media was able to incorporate Greymark Design + Build's brand voice into every aspect of their new website.

Catering to a Young Adult Audience:

As a design and remodeling firm, Greymark Design + Build targets homebuyers and homeowners in their 20s to 60s. They needed a website that would not only appeal to this demographic but also make it easy for them to browse services, view portfolio work, and contact the company for a consultation. Line Mixed Media's expert team of web developers was able to create a website that met all these needs while incorporating stunning design elements that spoke to their target audience.

Professionalism and Attention to Detail:

Above all, Greymark Design + Build was looking for a website design company that would take their needs seriously and deliver a product that exceeded their expectations. Line Mixed Media delivered, with a process that included plenty of communication, attention to detail, and a drive for professional excellence. The final outcome was a website that not only satisfied the client's needs but also showcased Line Mixed Media's expertise in website design.

When Greymark Design + Build set out to redesign their website, they knew they needed a website design company that could capture their unique brand voice, cater to their target audience, and deliver a professional product. With Line Mixed Media, they got all that and more. From the design expertise to the cheeky and witty tone of voice, Greymark Design + Build now has a website that perfectly represents their company and services. A big thanks to Line Mixed Media for being the perfect fit for the job!

P.S. - It's one thing to have incredible work as a remodeler in such a competitive market (Houston, TX) but... Kelly and her crew with Greymark Design + Build were absolutely incredible people to work with. I'd only choose them for any of my remodeling needs (seriously they didn't pay me to say this).

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