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Wall Murals

The following design was created for a 12 year old's bedroom. Spanning over 15ft there is nothing we can't create to fill the space you have. Indoor/Outdoor options. Murals don't have to be generic or limited in how they are designed or applied.

Wall art can be done in a way that works best for you. Please let us know as much as possible so we can line every project to maximize your investment.

Regardless of your space we can make the biggest impact and stretch every dollar in the process. Wall art and murals are a great investment if done correctly.

The below image has three different all wall art pieces. The phone number is a metal material that can outlast vinyl every time. The large red sign is back lite and made to last years in Louisiana's sun. Lastly, the narrow contour cut rigid sign is made to be moved to another location. Wall art can be made permanent or semi-permanent.

Consider Line Mixed Media each and every time you think of wall art.

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